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Film Friday: War Photographers + WPA Artists

Artists have played key roles in times of war. From documenting maneuvers and battles – to illustrating equipment and use manuals – their skills have served in ways that may sometimes be overlooked.

Film Friday: Depots Along the T&P Line

It’s #FilmFriday and we are traveling from New Orleans to El Paso via Texas & Pacific Railway Depot photographs from the T&P Collection of The Grace Museum!

Collection Connection – Film Friday

It’s #FilmFriday and our Collection Pet Takeover continues with Willow posing as a Victorian woman in the Cartes-de-visite style and then Bonnie as Colonel W.L. Beckham and Cheddar as Grace Beckham (the Hotel Grace-turned-museum’s namesake)!

Collection Connection – Abilene Shakespeare Club

Our final Collection Pet Takeover includes all of our remaining staff pets — posing as members of the Abilene Shakespeare Club circa 1900-1910. A sizable collection within the Grace Museum History Collection documents the many and impactful women’s clubs active in Abilene through the years through photographs, programs, and various ephemera.

Film Friday: Cyanotype

It’s Film Friday and we are learning about Cyanotype! This vintage film process created some of the most interesting photographs and we are inspired to show you how to make your own cyanotype-inspired works of art – on paper, fabric, and more! #MadeItAtTheGrace

Film Friday: Allison V. Smith

Allison V. Smith is a freelance photographer for the New York Times, The Guardian, and Texas Monthly. Her fine art projects, featured in this solo exhibition, are focused on exploring the landscape and personality of West Texas and Marfa.