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The Grace Museum Board of Trustees 2023-2024

Kay Alexander, Chair
Yvonne Batts, Vice Chair
Lon Biebighauser, Treasurer
Pat McCleskey, Secretary

Ben Bailey
Amanda Biles
Gray Bridwell
Cade Browning
Julee Hammer
Julianna Holland
Julie Johncox
Mishi Mathur
Jasmine McCabe-Gossett
Mari Kay Morrison

Bob Nutt
Aida Pantoja
Andrew Penns
Angie Robison
Salvador Torres
Rob Tucker
Donna Walls
Rick Weatherl
James Wiser

Emeritus Members

Mary Gill
Judy Godfrey
Martha Kiel
Tiffany Lamb
Jerry Love
Patti Jo Mendenhall
Kaye Price-Hawkins
Becky Rentz
Alice Specht
Karen Turner

The Grace Museum Advisory Board

Rick Hardin
Melody Hunt
Nancy Jones

Ted Paup
Tom and Lisa Perini
Linda and William Reaves, Jr.

Susan Whitfield
Jill Wilkinson
Carol Windham