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The Grace Museum provides educator-guided tours for school groups of all levels through the Museum’s current exhibitions. Tours are tailored to student’s age(s) and range from 20 minutes to one hour. Use the REQUEST A TOUR form on this page to schedule an upcoming tour for your school or class.

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Tour Rates

These discounted rates are only available to groups who book in advance and confirm with a Grace Educator.

Abilene ISD

Students FREE
Teachers FREE
Adult Chaperones $8

K-12th (Non-AISD)

Students $3
Teachers $3
Adult Chaperones $8


Students $3 (with ID)
Teachers $3 (with group tour)

Some University departments have free passes – please check with your department to obtain a pass prior to your visit.

Virtual Tours

$30 Flat Rate

Tour Parking

There is bus parking available adjacent to the museum on the WESTBOUND NORTH 1ST side of the building. Bus drivers must be in the westbound lane to be able to access the parking. Please pull busses to the very front or the very back of the bus lane to allow space for other busses.

History Traveling Trunks

The Grace Museum History Traveling Trunks bring Texas History topics to your classroom! This educational outreach program provides teachers with hands-on materials that will connect students to Texas history and culture in a very real and engaging way.

Filled with real and reproduced artifacts, curricula, and digital/video resources, the traveling trunks allow teachers to tap into new and creative ways to experience social studies in their classroom. These trunks have been developed so that the materials inside can be used alongside step-by-step lesson plans that address many state and national curriculum standards. Each trunk provides teachers with creative lesson plans, museum-quality mounted images, primary source artifacts, reproductions, and more!

Grace History Traveling Trunks are FREE for teachers to borrow! Simply click the button below to send a reservation request.

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Cowboy Life In Texas

Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd

This trunk focuses on the life of the Texas cowboy, and the influence this group has on the culture of Texas, past and present. Included in the trunk are various hands-on artifacts that play a role in the daily life of a Texas cowboy, as well as other resources that will enhance the learning of students. TEKS based lessons plans have been developed to help students gain a better understanding of the unique lifestyle of the Texas cowboy, as well as the goods and services that cowboys contribute to our state and country. Texas just wouldn’t be what it is today, without the Texas cowboy.

Native Americans In Texas

Kindergarten, 1st, & 4th

Various tribes of early Native Americans settled throughout Texas at one time. Students will explore the origins, similarities, and differences of these tribes through the collection of artifacts included in this trunk. Students will have the opportunity to explore how the Native American population has influenced our Texas of today. TEKS based lesson plans and activities are available, to aid in the study of this significant part of Texas history, as well as the life of modern day Native Americans.

World War I & World War II

5th Grade

Just prior to the U.S. involvement in WWII, the arrival of Camp Barkeley nine miles south of Abilene forever changed the dynamic of our city. At its peak, it was twice the size of the city of Abilene, yet it existed for only four years. Unique artifacts will give students a hands-on guide to the life of a soldier in WWII, as well as the lives of those that remained on the home front. TEKS based lesson plans are available to correlate with the artifacts. The majority of the artifacts in this trunk are devoted to World War II, however resources are included that relate to WWI as well.

History Of Abilene

3rd Grade

The artifacts in this trunk tell the story behind the beginnings of Abilene, and its courageous forefathers. TEKS based lesson plans correlated with resources and activities will guide the students through the early years, and show the impact the railroad had in determining the future of Abilene. The students will learn more about various Abilene landmarks including the 1909 Hotel Grace. Today this historic building is the home of The Grace Museum, which is considered the cultural cornerstone of downtown Abilene, and has been a vital part in our city becoming the Storybook Capital of America.

Texas Independence

4th Grade

This trunk focuses on the history of Texas Independence. The artifacts, along with the additional resources tell the story of our early Texas Empresarios, as well as the brave settlers, and key battles that forged the path for our great state and its independence. Students will have a hand-on experience with various artifacts that will help bring the past to life in the classroom. Teachers will be provided with TEKS-based lesson plans, along with additional resources to correlate with the artifacts in the trunk.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

5th Grade

The materials in this trunk supplement the study of the life of Harriet Tubman. Artifacts combined with TEKS based lesson plans and activi-ties have been developed to help students gain a better understanding of the impact Harriet Tubman had on our nation. Born a slave, Tubman escaped and worked with the Underground Railroad to led hundreds of others to freedom. She then served in many roles for the Union Army during the Civil War. Later she became an activist in the women’s suffrage movement. Harriet Tubman continues to be a symbol of strength and courage in our nation’s history.

History of Buffalo Gap, Texas

2nd – 4th Grade

In 1877 Buffalo Gap, Texas was founded, making it the first official town in Taylor County. This trunk focuses on the rich history and culture of this community. TEKS based lesson plans along with the resources and artifacts will take the students through life in early Buffalo Gap, and its progress through the foundational years. Comanches, buffalo, and buffalo hunters all had significant roles in this unique history, and helped to form the culture that is still part of Buffalo Gap today.

Classroom Outreach

In-Class Art Instruction

The Grace Museum outreach educators provide arts instruction for regional school districts in need of additional arts education. For more information about school outreach please contact Director of Education, Kathryn Mitchell.

The Grace Museum has many free virtual resources available for any educator. Check out to explore them!

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