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My Museum Monday: AISD Art Teachers

The Grace Museum provides many opportunities for training and community building for Art Educators in AISD, Region 14, and beyond. Hear from AISD art teachers Sherry Smith Griffith and Melody Kennedy about how The Grace serves their students and peers.

Tuesday Tea Time: Sheila and Judy’s Drinkware Collections

It’s Tuesday Tea Time and Judy and Sheila are sharing their treasured dinnerware and drinkware collections.

Way Back Wednesday: Kathryn’s Historic Home and Laura’s globe collection

It’s Way Back Wednesday so Kathryn shares her historic GE Home of the Future designed by renowned architect, David S. Castle and Laura shares her vast globe collection.

Illustrated Happy Hour: Ann Ekstrom + the Commodore

Its Way Back Wednesday – part of My Museum at Home week – so get out your watercolors and a cocktail shaker for this new edition of Illustrated Happy Hour! Meet featured artist Ann Ekstrom and her painting, Desert Birds – and learn to make and paint a classic 1920s-30s cocktail – the Commodore. Share your way back wednesday treasures @#mymuseumcollection

World Book Day: Board Books

In celebration of World Book Day – some of our wonderful Board members volunteered to share their special books!

Film Friday: Rebecca’s Photography Collection

It’s #FilmFriday! Rebecca shares her photography collection and a quick look at a Kowa SIX medium format camera. Share your special photos, cameras, and memories for #mymuseumathome week and #mymuseumcollection.

My Museum Collection: Superhero Sunday

It’s Superhero Sunday and Grace Staff are sharing their special Superhero collections and powers!