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Way Back Wednesday: The Decline of the Great Texas Herd with Tom Perini

Tom Perini, buffalo and Texas historian and owner of the famous Perini Ranch Steakhouse, discusses the Great Texas Buffalo Herd and the ultimate demise and the various contributing factors as well as the important role that Buffalo Gap has played in the history of Central West Texas.

Way Back Wednesday: Swimming in Taylor County

It’s #WayBackWednesday and this week we are talking about Summer Heat and here in Texas we are feeling that heat this week! Our Summer heat is not a new thing for us and we found these “cool” photos of people cooling off in our neighbor town, Buffalo Gap, around the turn of the century. Buffalo Gap is still a respite for many locals and travelers, alike – with many offerings for recreation, dining, history, and beautiful scenery.

Women’s Fashion Evolution: from Gibson Girl to Flapper

It’s #WayBackWednesday during #FashionWeek so we are exploring the current exhibition on-view in the History Gallery on the 3rd floor of The Grace Museum titled WOMEN’S FASHION EVOLUTION: 1900S – 1920S, FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION!

History of the US Coast Guard

It’s #WayBackWednesday and we are diving deep into OCEANS this week in celebration of #WorldOceanDay2020. Today we actually have a little bit of a collection history mystery! Can you help us solve it?

E. O. Goldbeck and the Famous 36th Infantry

E.O. (Eugene Omar) Goldbeck was a commercial photographer active in Texas in the early 1900s until his death in the mid-1980s. He was a second generation German-American and grew up and lived in San Antonio. The 36th Infantry Division formed during World War I and fought in France throughout the duration of the war. They were comprised of soldiers from both Texas and Oklahoma until after the First World War. The patch for the division, which you see in this photograph, is a symbol for both states – the arrowhead for Oklahoma and the “T” for Texas.

Film Friday: Depots Along the T&P Line

It’s #FilmFriday and we are traveling from New Orleans to El Paso via Texas & Pacific Railway Depot photographs from the T&P Collection of The Grace Museum!

Collection Connection – Film Friday

It’s #FilmFriday and our Collection Pet Takeover continues with Willow posing as a Victorian woman in the Cartes-de-visite style and then Bonnie as Colonel W.L. Beckham and Cheddar as Grace Beckham (the Hotel Grace-turned-museum’s namesake)!

Collection Connection – Abilene Shakespeare Club

Our final Collection Pet Takeover includes all of our remaining staff pets — posing as members of the Abilene Shakespeare Club circa 1900-1910. A sizable collection within the Grace Museum History Collection documents the many and impactful women’s clubs active in Abilene through the years through photographs, programs, and various ephemera.