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Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Independence Day

Independence Day in the United States is celebrated every July 4th to commemorate the Declaration of Independence in 1776 with fireworks, parades, and parties. Throughout Abilene’s history, Independence Day has meant a day off work and celebrating the holiday with friends, family, and the entire city. Families gathered to watch parades, and sometimes even participate, with young boys following the Cultural Heritage Exhibition РIndependence Day

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

The story of Japanese Internment during World War II is integral to the understanding of American sentiment of otherwise innocent Japanese people during the war. Learn about the untold story of Japanese Americans that either escaped internment on the west coast or served in the military during the war.

Young Masters Juried Art Exhibition 2023

This annual juried art competition offers every Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art student in Abilene ISD an opportunity to have artwork selected for a museum exhibition and to compete for valuable college scholarships. The exhibition is a collaborative effort by AEF, Abilene ISD, and The Grace Museum.

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Black History Month

February’s cultural heritage exhibition celebrates Black History Month. The exhibition will discuss various issues that Blacks have faced within the Abilene community such as segregation and desegregation, constant hardships, black leaders who have persevered, and the push for success within their own community.

Susan kae Grant: Shadowing Grace

The eternal theme of light and dark has always interested artists. It is given importance in both philosophical, technical, and mystical intentions. A master of light and shadow, Susan kae Grant conveys much more than just a play of shadows and silhouettes. ABOUT THE ARTIST Susan kae Grant is an inventive and influential lens-based artist, educator, and early proponent of photographic book arts. She utilizes Susan kae Grant: Shadowing Grace