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Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Universal Human Rights Month 2023

December is Universal Human Rights Month Universal Human Rights Month celebrates the landmark document that “enshrines the inalienable rights that everyone is entitled to as a human being – regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.” This month strives to promote this declaration and the continuing struggles Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Universal Human Rights Month 2023

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the histories, cultures, traditions, and many contributions of those individuals of Latinx and Hispanic ancestry in the United States. The establishment of Hispanic Heritage Month was the first Cultural Heritage Month in the United States. The month allows for Hispanics to feel recognized, accepted, and proud to be a Hispanic living in the United States. Today, Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Abilene in the 1920s

When one thinks of the 1920s, images of flappers, jazz, and speakeasies immediately come to mind. While that is relatively true, for Abilene, the 1920s was an era of major change and growth, just like it was throughout the United States. The population of Abilene nearly doubled throughout the decade with the increase in businesses, buildings, railway usage, and updated Abilene in the 1920s

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Native American Heritage Month 2023

The Grace Museum is collaborating with Abilene Christian University’s Introduction to Public History: Interpreting American Pasts course to create monthly exhibitions that coincide with different cultural heritage months throughout the year. These exhibitions highlight the narratives of various cultural groups that are integral to Abilene’s history while weaving these stores into the broader historical fabric of the United States. November Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Native American Heritage Month 2023

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

Immigrant Heritage Month honors immigrants and their positive impact on communities across the country, including those who have greatly contributed to the success of Abilene. This exhibition recognizes two such individuals who have demonstrated strong dedication to our community through their volunteer efforts on several local nonprofit boards and committees, especially here at The Grace Museum.  The Grace Museum is Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Earth Month 2023

Earth Month is dedicated to educating the community about environmental issues, offering climate solutions, and promoting our Earth’s care and sustainability. This exhibition highlights Texas history related to environmental improvements, as well as local efforts spearheaded by groups like Keep Abilene Beautiful and Master Gardeners of Abilene.

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Independence Day 2023

Independence Day in the United States is celebrated every July 4th to commemorate the Declaration of Independence in 1776 with fireworks, parades, and parties. Throughout Abilene’s history, Independence Day has meant a day off work and celebrating the holiday with friends, family, and the entire city. Families gathered to watch parades, and sometimes even participate, with young boys following the Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Independence Day 2023

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Asian American and Pacific Islander Month 2023

The story of Japanese Internment during World War II is integral to the understanding of American sentiment of otherwise innocent Japanese people during the war. Learn about the untold story of Japanese Americans that either escaped internment on the west coast or served in the military during the war.

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Women’s History Month 2023

From Women’s History Day in 1978 to Women’s History Week in the early 1980s, this month was formally established by Congress in 1987. This exhibition highlights some of the early efforts by women in Texas and Abilene in particular with the right to vote, involvement in war efforts, establishing roots in business, and participation in women’s clubs. 

Spanish Legacy in Abilene

Spanish Legacy in Abilene The growth of Mexicans/Mexican-Americans/Hispanics in Abilene, especially after the early 1900s, can be attributed to the need for workers to build the Texas & Pacific Railroad, migrant workers in the cotton fields and nearby farms, and construction and street workers for the growing town of Abilene.  Many Hispanic families moved to California during the Dust Bowl Spanish Legacy in Abilene

Downtown Revitalization Beginnings: The Grace 25 Years

The Grace Museum celebrates its 25th Anniversary in this beautifully restored historic building that sits in the heart of Downtown Abilene. This exhibition highlights the renovation and restoration efforts through photographs, newspapers, and the actual model created in 1986. In 1985, members of the Abilene Preservation League sat with the Abilene Fine Arts Museum to discuss the fate of the Downtown Revitalization Beginnings: The Grace 25 Years

Remembering Roy Helen

Roy Helen Herndon Mingus Ackers was not only the “Life of the Party”, she was a businesswoman, a columnist, a mother, a wife, and a supporter of many of the charitable organizations in town. Her legacy will make a lasting impression on the community. This memorial to Roy Helen not only celebrates her colorful life, but also reveals a woman Remembering Roy Helen

At Play: Children’s Clothing and Toys

Children’s clothing trends transformed over time similarly to fashion trends for adults. However, the clothing tended to be a little more practical than adult clothing throughout history. The current exhibition, At Play: Children’s Clothing and Toys in the History Gallery at The Grace, highlights a few of these early clothing styles and changes during the early twentieth century. Visitors can also At Play: Children’s Clothing and Toys

Cultural Heritage Exhibition – Black History Month 2023

February’s cultural heritage exhibition celebrates Black History Month. The exhibition will discuss various issues that Blacks have faced within the Abilene community such as segregation and desegregation, constant hardships, black leaders who have persevered, and the push for success within their own community.

Skyline Maker: The Architecture of David S. Castle

This exhibition will highlight the career of Abilene architect David S. Castle. As one of the most significant and prominent architects in Abilene and the Big Country in the early to mid-1900s, David S. Castle designed and built hundreds of schools, residential buildings, hotels, medical buildings, municipal buildings, churches, recreational buildings, and courthouses. The exhibition will discuss Castle’s role in Skyline Maker: The Architecture of David S. Castle

History of Cameras Before the iPhone

We have captured the rapid changing world through the lens of a camera since the mid-nineteenth century. From early daguerreotypes to digital smartphones, photography has advanced just as quickly as the society that utilizes these cameras to capture history’s most significant events to everyday life.  This exhibition includes various cameras, tools, and instruments to illustrate the evolution of cameras and History of Cameras Before the iPhone