Events At The Grace

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Upcycled Sculpture

Gather up all of your plastic recycling for this slightly more advanced upcylcled sculpture project. Reminiscent of seaweed, plants, and organic forms – this sculpture is inspired by the work of recently exhibited artist, Margaret Smithers Crump who mixes all kinds of media with hand cut actylic forms for her installations. #MadeItAtTheGrace

Illustrated Happy Hour: Melissa Miller + Dark and Stormy

April Shower bring… STORMS in the plains of West Texas! For this Illustrated Happy Hour, meet artist Melissa Miller’s painting Tempesta – a storm of color while sipping on this week’s cocktail – the Dark and Stormy.

Garden Art Activities

Get outside and be inspired by nature and materials from your own backyard for these three nature-inspired art activities!

Film Friday: Cyanotype

It’s Film Friday and we are learning about Cyanotype! This vintage film process created some of the most interesting photographs and we are inspired to show you how to make your own cyanotype-inspired works of art – on paper, fabric, and more! #MadeItAtTheGrace