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Layered Floral Bouquet

It’s our #WeekOfGratitude for Teachers and Mothers and anyone else you might need to show your appreciation. Gather up these simple materials to create a BEAUTIFUL gift for that special person in your life.

Mother’s Day: Pop-Up Card and Solute to Staff Moms

For our conclusion of #WeekofGratitude learn to make a very special pop-up card. Then watch until the end for a very special solute to moms from The Grace Museum staff. Happy Mothers Day to mothers of all kinds.

Watermelon Folding Fan

Did you know that The Grace Museum has MANY folding fans in our History collection? We are doing a special post about them for Fashion Week so check that out soon! Now – get out your paper and scissors to make this Summer folding fan to keep cool in the Texas heat.

Food Art

Raid your pantry and get creative in the kitchen with the Mitchell family for these Food Art activities!

Watercolor + Seasalt Layered Landscape

Get out your watercolors, salt, and scissors and glue for this layered landscape art activity in celebration of #worldoceansday2020

Creative Reuse Sculpture Activity

Creative Reuse for materials was important to survival in the era of the Great Depression. Limited resources promoted ingenuity and conservation of materials – which we can relate to in small part today! Gather your cardboard tubes to make this repurposed material sculpture.

Rise of the American Scene: Regionalism and the Dust Bowl

In the wake of severe economic uncertainty, social upheaval and political shifts that followed the disastrous Great Depression, American artists maintained a commitment to projecting a very personal view. Intent on shunning the influence of European artists and instruction, these artists struggled to establish and maintain their own identity. Much of this work, especially that now known as Social Realism and Regionalism, falls within the larger movement known as American Scene.

Collection Connection – Marie A. Hull, The Farmer

We are kicking off Home Essentials week with The Grace Museum’s painting (with a twist), The Farmer, by Marie A. Hull – coincidentally the first painting ever acquired by the Abilene Museum of Fine Arts. For national pet month we followed some of our museum friends at the #GettyMuseumChallenge and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art by “updating” our collection this week with special pet guests and a fun art activity.

Collection Connection – David Everett, Cotillion

Next in our Home Essentials series we are featuring sculptor, David Everett and his piece “Cotillion” in the Grace Museum permanent Collection. Inspired by his sculpture for #NationalPetMonth we made our own stacked sculpture of some of our Grace Staff pets and a fun “Exquisite Corpse” art activity as a fun extension.

Film Friday: Cyanotype

It’s Film Friday and we are learning about Cyanotype! This vintage film process created some of the most interesting photographs and we are inspired to show you how to make your own cyanotype-inspired works of art – on paper, fabric, and more! #MadeItAtTheGrace

3D Layered Paper Sculpture – Inspired by Terry Hays

Create your own layered paper sculpture inspired by the work of artist, Terry Hays, whose exhibition “Cosmic Garden” was on-view at The Grace Museum in 2019 and is now in the Grace permanent collection.

Easter Food Crafts

Head to the kitchen to make these fun and artful Easter themed food activities!

Easter Crafts

Collect these simple materials around your home to make all of these Easter themed art activities for your family!

Easter Egg Decoration

Looking for fun and creative ways to decorate your eggs for Easter? Check out this collection of activities to make your Easter Egg hunt more beautiful!

Tot Spot: Assemblage

Children’s Programming Coordinator, Annemarie Holder tours the new exhibition, David McManaway’s Studio Revisited with you and your little ones. After the tour you are guided to create your own assemblage made from materials you have at home.

Learn to Paint: Watercolor Agate

Learn to make an agate slice using watercolor. Follow along with the step-by-step instruction by Rebecca Bridges, programming and interpretation for The Grace Museum. Materials Needed: watercolor paint, watercolor paper, water, salt (non-iodized), brushes in varying sizes, board, tape, paint pens (optional)