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Cara Barer: Obsolescence

Houston based artist, Cara Barer blurs the line between object, sculpture, and photography. She salvages discarded or obsolete books and transforms the books into sculpture by using water, clamps, string, staples, and glue. She then photographs the sculpted books, capturing the extraordinary grace and beauty of their altered forms. Barer’s sculptures and their accompanying photographs are a lament for eras Cara Barer: Obsolescence

Anna Mavromatis: Material Culture

In this exhibition, Houston-based artist Anna Mavromatis displays her mastery of printmaking, book arts, and fashion design to stitch together stories and reflections of her Greek heritage and family history. Narrated through the colors of her homeland, she shares personal memories, vintage photographs and mementos in her personal collection, and masterfully expands the artist book definition to include a wide Anna Mavromatis: Material Culture

Ruscha & Roth: The 1960s Artist Book Revolution

In the 1960s, as a new generation of artists challenged long standing definitions of fine art, elegant, traditional, deluxe livres d’artistes were considered no longer relevant. Two very different artists working independently, Dieter Roth in Europe and Ed Ruscha in Los Angeles, created radically innovative forms of self-produced artist books. Focusing on commonplace material and inexpensive production, Roth focused on Ruscha & Roth: The 1960s Artist Book Revolution

Simeen Farhat: Scripted

For more than a decade, language has been the focus for Simeen Farhat’s sculpture. Her Inspiration first began with the prophetic words of poets of various Arabic languages. Later, she adopted the alphabet of Germanic and Romance languages, including English. As the subject matter moved from profound to text message jargon, the artist continued to stylize the elegant fonts in Simeen Farhat: Scripted

Terry Hays: Cosmic Garden

“In the history of symbols the cosmic tree is described as the way of life itself, a growing into that which eternally is and does not change; which springs from the union of opposites and, by its eternal presence, also makes that union possible. It seems as if it were only through an experience of symbolic reality that man, vainly Terry Hays: Cosmic Garden

Deliberate Distraction: Shawn Smith and Rusty Scruby

Artist Reception : May 26, 2018 The common misconception that art and science are so vastly different, that they never overlap, is discredited by two contemporary artists, Rusty Scruby and Shawn Smith, whose work proves that the union of these two disciplines, like the brain’s neuropathways between our right (artistic) and left (analytical) hemispheres, is the sweet spot known as Deliberate Distraction: Shawn Smith and Rusty Scruby

As Is Rural Realism

Artist Reception : May 4, 2017 Identifiable subjects are only part of the enduring allure of realism. Each generation of realist artists brings new subjects and new media to the genre. AS IS rural realism features the art of contemporary realists whose work transforms the mundane into the magical by concentrating on off-road subjects and offering unique ways of seeing As Is Rural Realism