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Household Tools

Tools for Modern Living: Treasures from the History Vault showcases once-prized possessions of thoroughly modern Abilenians from the early 1900s. See cameras, radios, kitchen appliances, television sets, telephones and office equipment, along with a few mystery objects.

Historic Photographs

Abilene Fine Arts Museum

Alice & Bill Wright Photography Collection

With this new venue for Texas photography –and bolstered by the Wrights’ donations and own collection of over 400 original prints as its critical foundation – they are bringing The Grace into a growing continuum of committed photographic institutions throughout our state. Roy FlukingerCurator of Photography, Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008 DAVID H. GIBSON, Luminous Alice & Bill Wright Photography Collection

T&P Collection

Hotel Grace

Garments and Fashion

Abilene Womens Clubs


Folding Fans