How To Ice Dye

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We are excited to announce (to all of you Gen X-ers and Millennials) that…. Tie-Dye is BACK! Follow along on this SUPER EASY method for Ice Dyeing that is sure to bust the heat and boredom this Summer.

This can be a little bit of a messy process so find an area where you can make a mess – and it is a great OUTSIDE project too.


  • Fabric – natural fibers or high count of those fibers (linen, cotton, hemp, etc.)

  • Powdered Dye – RIT or Tulip brands are easy to find – or get fiber reactive dyes

  • Salt

  • Metal rack or sheet

  • Tub to drain (rack should be larger than tub)

  • Ice (any kind)

  • Towels

  • Spray bottle of water (optional)




  • Wash fabric to remove sizing (don’t use any fabric softeners or additives)

  • Soak clean fabric in hot salty water (this helps fabric absorb dye better)

  • Wring out fabric




  • Place rack over tub so dye and ice will drain into tub

  • Place towels under tub or around the edges to catch any extra dye that melts

  • Scrunch up, roll, or fold damp fabric however you prefer and place on rack over tub

  • Cover all fabric completely with ice

  • Sprinkle or spoon dye powder over ice – use generous amount and think about how colors will blend as you place

  • Let ice melt completely (you can spray with water every now and then to assist dye in dissolving but it’s not necessary)

  • Let fabric sit to drain at LEAST 8 hours but HIGHLY recommend leaving overnight or 24 hours for best results. We let some sit 8 hours and it was very pale when complete.

  • Rinse fabric in warm/hot water until water runs clear

  • Run through a cold rinse cycle in washer (add a rag or old towel to remove any extra dye)

  • Dry as normal


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Screenshot 2020-06-26 15.46.06.png