Film Friday: Oceans in Black and White

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It’s #FilmFriday and today we are featuring ocean images from The Grace Museum photography collection. Originally we selected the classic black and white images but we came across a few beautifully colorful beach scenes that could not be missed!

The featured image, Turtle in Church, Alice, Texas, is by New York based photographer, Dan Burkholder. Burkholder was featured at The Grace Museum in 2008 with his exhibition, Images of Katrina: Shadows of Lives and Loss. The series by the same title focuses on the remnants of homes and public spaces minus the former inhabitants.  Using a unique process of merging three digital negatives in one platinum print, Burkholder builds his images using both digital technology and dark room techniques.  The results are a mix of the real and surreal qualities of life interrupted and unexpectedly transformed forever.



  • Dan Burkholder

  • Henry Gilpin

  • Bill Wright

  • Angela Bacon Kidwell

  • Thomas Kachadurian

  • John Gullet