The Fine Art of Collecting

Friday, January 19, 2018 10:00 AM - Saturday, April 14, 2018 5:00 PM
The Grace Museum
102 Cypress Street Abilene, TX 79601
Judge B. Michael and Elise Chitty

Selections from the Judge B. Michael and Elise Chitty Collection

Mike and Elise Chitty’s interest in art began shortly after they married in 1977. As of 2017, their private collection consists of more than 400 works of art and artifacts and counting. For the collectors, each object contains the history of creative expression and the experience of discovery.  The couple’s Texas residence is home to artifacts from Africa, New Guinea, Bali, China and Japan artfully arranged among Spanish Colonial santos, Native American artifacts, folk art, modern and contemporary paintings and sculpture from Texas and New Mexico and beyond. The Chittys have graciously agreed to exhibit selections from their collection at The Grace Museum and share their extraordinary adventures in collecting.

Exhibition Checklist

Patrocino Barela
Madonna and Child, n.d.

Luanne Barrow
Ruth and Boaz, 1997
oil on canvas

Heri Bert Bartscht
Moses, 1956
caucasian walnut

Heri Bert Bartscht
Saint Sebastian, 1955

David Bates
Baptism, 1988
oil on canvas

David Bates
Lantern Fishing II, 2000
painted wood relief

Thomas Duncan Benrimo
Blue Space, 1952
oil on Masonite

Emil Bisttram
Hopi Koshares Winter Spirits, n.d.
gouche on paper   

Dennis Blagg
Road to Marfa, n.d.
oil on canvas

Julie Bozzi
Butterfly and Turtle, 2006
oil on panel

Julie Bozzi
Panaderia Oaxaquena, 1990
oil on panel

Hugh Henry Breckenridge
Ivory, Gold and Blue, 1915
oil on canvas

Dorothy Eugenie Brett
Stokowski Conducting Parsifal, 1934
oil on canvas

Howard Norton Cook
Buffalo Dance, 1957
oil on canvas

Judd DeForrest
String of Fish, 1949
oil on panel

Otis Dozier
Angry Earth, 1965
oil on Masonite

Earthquake Mask Kwakiutl, Pacific Northwest Coast, 
wood and polychrome

David Everett
Watermark, 1992
wood and polychrome

Jorge Fick
Yo-Yo, n.d.
oil on board

Barnaby Fitzgerald
Deficit, n.d.
oil on canvas

Constance Forsyth
West Texas Mesa and Clouds, 1950

Harry Geffert
Bread Tree, n.d.

David Gibson
Light Struck Butte and River Bottom Hanksville, Utah, n.d.
gelation silver print; selenium toned

George Grammer
New York Nocturnal (Theater Row, Times Square), c. 1950
oil on canvas

Louis Oscar Griffith
Untitled (Cowboy and Steer, Round Up), n.d.
oil on canvas attached to multi-ply cardboard

Logan Maxwell Hagege
White Robe, n.d.
oil on Linen

Kirk Hayes
The Couple, 2003
oil, enamel, and pencil on signboard

Sedrick Huckaby
Red, 1999
oil on canvas

Raymond Jonson
Abstract 2, 1929
oil on canvas

Bill Komodore
Thanksgiving Feast (miracle of the loaves and fishes), 1999
oil on canvas

William Lewis Lester
Autumn Grass, 1956
oil on panel

John Ward Lockwood
Texas Prison Rodeo, 1948
polymer on canvas

Herman Lungkwitz
Morris Ranch near Fredericksburg, 19th Century
pencil on paper  

Male Peg Figure, Costa Rica, Diquis Region, Central America
1000-1500 AD

Ila Mae McAfee
Taos Indian Rabbit Hunt, n.d.
oil on canvas   

Melissa Miller
Against the Wind, 1981
oil on canvas

Loren Mozley
Market of San Roque at Quito, 1963
oil on canvas

Fred Nagler
Christ Raiseth Lazarus, n.d.
oil on canvas

Native American Ceramics Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico
c. 1930

Native American Ceramics Zia Pueblo, New Mexico
c. 1935

Bror Juius Olsoon (B.J.O.) Nordfelt
Procession, 1946
oil on canvas

Ida Ten Eyck O’Keefe
Banana Tree, 1939
oil on canvas

Jose Benito Ortega
Cristo, 1885
wood and polychrome

Frank Reaugh
No Title, n.d.
oil pastel on paper

Doel Reed
Mesa, Moon, and Adobes, n.d.
oil on board

San Jose and Crist child New Mexico-Spanish Colonial
18th Century
wood and polychrome

Isaac Smith
Crocogator, n.d.
found wood with polychrome

Isaac Smith
Eagle and Fish, n.d.
found wood with polychrome

Joseph Stella
San Roque, n.d.
oil on canvas

Everett Spruce
Desert, 1977
oil on canvas

McKie Trotter
Earthscape, 1959
oil on canvas

Valton Tyler
Sherlock Holmes, 1986
oil on linen  

Valton Tyler
The Chitty Family of Terrell, Texas, 1989
oil on linen   

Charles Umlauf
Saint, n.d.
cast aluminum

Lonnie Vigil
Micaceous Pottery-Jar, 20th Century

Bob “Daddy-O” Wade
Ridin’ Straight Up, 1995
painting on photograph linen

Bob Stuth-Wade
Mission San Jose, 2011
acrylic on panel

West African Senufo Standing Figure
20th Century

Roger Winter
Columbus Avenue, 2001
oil on canvas

Miguel Zapata
General Sam Houston, detail from the Texas Door, 2013
bronze with artist’s patina

Zuni Case Mask Native American Southwest
wood and polychrome

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